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What we do

Kalulu is a biomass trading company with the intention to restore Namibian Savannah and back to its once healthy and self sustainable state. This is done via our own team of bush healers, as well as collaborating with conservation groups, wildlife parks, commercial farmers and traditional tribal groups. Our intention is to heal the Namibian Savannahs that have been overrun by encroachment bush and allow perennial grasses which were once common to regrow and in turn provide the nourishment foundation for animal wildlife to thrive.



Founded in 2020, KALULU RESOURCES intends to restore the Natural Habitats and Biodiversity Balance to areas that have been impacted by human interference in Southern Africa.  We are inspired each day by the work we do, and feel such a sense of accomplishment with each success story that comes from our partners. Sometimes, the best solutions come from the people who are most affected by the problem — and we want to be there, taking hands and ensuring their success.


To become the greatest success stories by restoring all of Southern Africa's threatened and harmed Natural Habitats, bringing back Biodiversity and Increasing the Natural Fertility of the Land. All this while also providing Green Energy Solutions globally by Converting the invader and alien Biomass to Energy    

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